Photos courtesy of Three Spikes Farm

#architecture #designbuild #moderndesign #luxuryhome #rammedearth

Photos courtesy of Three Spikes Farm

#architecture #designbuild #moderndesign #luxuryhome #rammedearth

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EarthBuilt Associates, LLC is a builder of sustainable ideas. We can assist you with re-defining your residential or commercial space. We can develop your communities' ecologically-sensitive presence, and assist the with projection of your artistic ideals. Other modes of construction we engage in include:

  • Signage

  • Playground

  • Kiosks and Restroom Facilities

  • Public and Private Installation Art

  • Property and Sustainable Community     Development

EarthBuilt Associates, LLC is a multi-disciplinary design-build firm with a unique set of complementary specialties. Our company provides the following services:

  • General Contracting and Design of     Custom Homes, Remodels, Renovations, Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Specializing in ​Rammed Earth   Construction (residential and   commercial)
  • Sub-Contracting of Rammed Earth Walls
  • Consulting for Rammed Earth   and     Sustainable Construction projects   Worldwide
  • Luxury Architectural Cast Stone -   Polished Concrete Sinks, Surfaces and   other Architectural details
  • Xeric Landscape Design, and   Construction. 

​Under one roof we combine the art of sustainable rammed earth construction with timeless cast stone sinks, counters, tubs, fireplaces, floors and the unsurpassed integration of beautiful, low maintenance xeric gardens and outdoor living.