Build It With Earth

EarthBuilt Associates, LLC specializes in using engineered soil mixtures for constructing buildings and walls for a wide variety of both residential and commercial applications. The benefits of using earth for these various applications are many. Some of which include:                 

  • Availability and low embodied energy of earth

  • Strength, durability and low to zero maintenance

  • Beautiful, tactile and highly customizable

  • Thermal mass walls are perfect for passive solar designs and net-zero energy construction

  • Earth walls with well designed roof systems are highly fire and earthquake resistant​.

Why Rammed Earth?

Earth is the most abundant, globally available, natural resource that humans have. More than 50% of the people on our planet live or work in dwellings constructed primarily of earth. Yet, our culture has migrated towards mass-produced, subsidized materials that in many cases contain harmful chemicals. Rammed Earth construction is truly the most sustainable and healthy movement in the green building arena today.


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